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Is there a way to calculate surface area of a component, or a material in the iOS version of SketchUp, I’ve seen people saying in pro you right click the material and it will show you total area. This would be surface area for painting rather that area for a cutting list.


Hide Edges > Select Faces (not with triple click)

desktop version

web version


Much like Mihai’s second video, On iPad, if you have a single face selected, the entity info window will show you the surface area.

If you have a solid group or component selected it will tell you the volume.

Selection Toys is a plugin I use a fair amount on desktop, so I’m wishing for it’s functionality on iPad.

Thanks for the replies guys, unfortunately volume isn’t helpful, and selecting each individual face is too time consuming, it seems plugins also don’t work with iPad so no real solution at the moment.

What exactly did you not like about the method where you hide the edges and select the all faces with one click and it shows you the total area?

I think the web version and the iPad version must be slightly different as that doesn’t work, when you turn off edges and profiles entity info still shows the volume of the component.

If you select the component, of course it will show the volume, but if you are inside it (Edit Component), you will select faces and it will show area.

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