CAD/DWG import option

Continuing the discussion from Exporting to .dwg and .dxf. - curves?:

I always was aware of this issue, but seems like there is not a easy workarounds that are available.

Can we have an option change the arc segment count when importing CAD/DWG files?

Somewhere here?

oddly I don’t see the behaviour described by @TIG on export or import…

the arc’s with 12, circle 64 are before export…
they all increase on import of the exported file…

EDIT: this file…arcs.dxf (112.4 KB)

Yes, I can’t find exact correlation.
Circles though, always seems to land as 96, arcs are different (i think this is tied to angle)

But even if we don’t have a box to type segment counts, maybe a slide bar which we can set the segment count in relative to all.