Cad details

does anyone download cad construction details if you do
can you please let me know where?

Thank You

What kind of construction details? Construction of what?

Residential footing , roof overhang, wall etc.

As this is not about Sketchup I switched the category to Corner Bar.

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Best details I’ve found (well, the best that suit me) are from First in Architecture but it’s a paid site and you’ll be at least £100 to download them all. Honestly, the time you spend messing about with someone else’s details, you can do your own bang on first time. Sounds like you’re maybe doing an extension or new build? There are several free sites for cad blocks etc but I find they all need changes, whether local variations/standards, wrongs dims, or just generally ■■■■. My advice is do a hand sketch of your project so you can plan out your build and details, then draw up exactly what’s required whilst referencing your local authority rules, and building regulations.


Thank You

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I’m building an ADU above an existing garage. i have looked at some sites.
But i will look at the one you recommended, and I agree with your advice.
Thank you very much.

Would agree with Dennis. There are such things called ‘typical details’ which can be a starting point but you need to know what you are dealing with and many projects require ‘project specific details’ or at least variations to typical details. Some manfs have details related to their specific product but they may not always integrate with the rest of the design.

You can buy individual details in dwg or skp format from First in Architecture but that seems to be only for UK construction methods. There may be other sites which you can purchase details from.

There is a First in Architecture book of details based on north american building methods which you could use to learn from. The books are very well illustrated and useful to start a discusion with others on what you what to do.

Other books are available.

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You seem to be one of the first to always chime in I appreciate that.
Thank you, i also appreciate all that help on this site.

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I’ve downloaded some details from this site, they also have skp models of details.

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yeah, the details are interesting, but for a californian construction, they might not be the best.
also, metric system. so, not ready-to-use

edit : darn, Was answering Francisco, I clicked on the wrong message.
it’s about the website two messages above mine -_-’

re-edit : on the other hand, Tede20’s link has some imperial - US details for sale. more appropriate

so in the end, I answered the right message :smiley:

@Sonder I know Nick created some amazing details/vignettes and I know he lives in California, and Im pretty sure they were for sale on a website somewhere. Does anyone have the link?