Cactus Top - Rounding the Top of a Curvy Cylinder

Background: I’m working on a 3D recreation of Arnold’s bedroom from the 90s TV Show “Hey Arnold”

Part of this requires me to model the cactus on the shelf. I’ve managed to get the ridges along the perimeter of the trunk, but I don’t know how to get that shape to become rounded at the top. I’d like the rounding to start and end over the course of the last inch of the shaft.

Any suggestions? I tried the RoundCorner extension, but it doesn’t seem to be capable of dealing with curves.

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Not good, but that’s what I can do.

cactus.skp (1.3 MB)


Thanks - I think I can make that work. Just downloaded and got this notice. You think this will this be a problem?

I updated the model to include the reference pieces like you used in your GIF, but Curviloft isn’t working for me. I can’t even get the tools to show up (checked both in the extensions tab and under the Freedo6 sub tab under the tools tab). I restarted SketchUp and everything too, but still not working. Any suggestions?

No. Go to SketchUcation and download the LibFredo6 v8.6.

Some Fredo plugins not only need other plugins to work but need to be updated frequently


Am I doing something wrong here?

No, you´re doing it right, but did you do what I put up there? Have you updated the Curviloft plugin?

I downloaded the LibFredo6 V8.6. stuff as instructed. Quit SketchUp and restarted everything. The Curviloft tools now show up, but don’t do anything. Not sure how to update the Curviloft plugin… there’s no option to click it? I downloaded it for the first time after your initial response, so I don’t think I ever had an outdated version

Should I uninstall and reinstall it or something? Maybe my geometry is too small? I tried scaling my model up from 1/8" to 1’, but still having the same problem.

Try restarting your PC and try to scaling it to 5’ or 10’

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Got it! Restarting my Mac did the trick. Good call. It worked!

I’ve updated the original warehouse file accordingly. Thank you so much!

You´re welcome! Please check the box to other users can find the solution


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I did for your first response, since I figured that was the actual solution and the rest was problem solving for my specific issue. Would it be better to check the solution box for one of the responses further down?

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No, thanks!!

Just an update on the model: Hey Arnold House - 3D model by TysonGersh [c0d15f7] - Sketchfab