Cabinet making extension Mac

I am looking for the best extension for making cabinets. Must be Mac compatible. I would like something that can translate to a CNC shop.


CabMaker works on a Mac.
CutMaster is only Windows and creates DXF files for CNC
You could run both over parallels

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Thanks gkernan. I know that the CNC community is Windows based, I hope that will change soon.

I wouldn’t expect that to happen. I’m certainly not going to go through the costs to port CutMaster over to Mac OS.

SU 2020 and probably SU 2021 will continue to run for many many years on Windows. That is probably not the case for MacOS. This means that Windows users will have the benefit of not needing a subscription whereas Mac users may need to go to a subscription just to get SU to work.

Autodesk’s Fusion 360 is browser based and therefor will run on both platforms. However most CAM software is not and runs as a Windows software.

Many of my CNC clients who run MacOS also run Windows machines for CNC or run Parallels for SU and Cutmaster.

Thanks gkernan, I appreciate the knowledge. :grinning: