[C API] Performance degradation between v19 and v20

Hello all,

After upgrading C SDK from 19.3.253 to 20.0.363 I faced a severe performance degradation in SUImageRepGetDataSize() function. According to MS VS profiling tools, CPU cost increase is more than tenfold, and all tested files with textures/images seem to be affected if saved as SKP v8 and higher version. There is no such regression, if the file in question is resaved as v7 SKP file or earlier version. The version of Sketchup used to save the file seems to be irrelevant, tested with Sketchup Pro v19 and v20.

I’m building and profiling x64 release binaries under Windows 10 with MS Visual Studio 2015. Attaching one of the files on which the issue is reproduced, which was taken from 3D warehouse. The original was probably saved in v2018, I’ve resaved it in Sketchup v7 and v8 formats, these files will be attached to the next post since the forum won’t let me. I could provide additional information if needed.


chevrolet blazer.zip (9.0 MB)

Same file resaved as v7 and v8 SKP.
chevrolet blazer_v7.zip (8.3 MB) chevrolet blazer_v8.zip (8.3 MB)

Check the logged issues for the C API and if yours isn’t logged please open a new issue (attaching reproducible code, test models, etc.)

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