New SDK (2014) significantly slower than previous C++ SDK (Which Supported up to version Skp 8)?

I am working on updating legacy SketchUp exporter which was based on previous version of SketchUp C++ SDK (Handled Up to version Skp 8). After porting it to new SDK, I find it significantly slower. I have used SUEntitiesFill method which claims to be the fastest method to populate entities.

Has anyone else noticed the same?

Do you have a small reproducible example? Some more details to what you called before? Also, what platforms?

Ping @bugra and @Paul

Do you have a small reproducible example?

Unfortunately not. The structure of the code has changed significantly from our legacy SketchUp translator to the latest one so I can’t claim a direct 1 to 1 correlation. Also the translator code is quite big and propriety so I can’t post it here. Probably a good starting point will be bench-marking ‘getting started’ example of legacy and new translator for comparison but I am afraid I don’t have time for that.

Development is done on Windows.