[C API] The performance has the regression for API 'SUModelCreateFromFile'

Dear expert,

I met a performance regression for API ‘SUModelCreateFromFile’ between SDK_WIN_x64_2019-0-753_0 and SDK_WIN_x64_2020-0-363.

My machine: win10, visual studio 2019 with release x64

Tested models: polyline3d.skp (120.0 KB) , dash.skp (124.1 KB) , soften.skp (1.5 MB)

I chose polyline3d.skp to profile the performance based on the same sample code(SDK_WIN_x64_2019-0-753_0.zip (6.3 MB) ).
On SDK_WIN_x64_2019-0-753_0, ‘SUModelCreateFromFile’ cost is 8.4%:

On SDK_WIN_x64_2020-0-363, ‘SUModelCreateFromFile’ cost is 63.64%:


Is this the same for the other models as well?

@DanRathbun yes, other models have the similar profiling results(have big regression for API SUModelCreateFromFile).

Currently, I still don’t know the impact on the complex model. As I find the complex model with the big regression, I will update data again. Hopefully, there is an official explaining why the regression happens for API ‘SUModelCreateFromFile’ between SDK_WIN_x64_2019-0-753_0 and SDK_WIN_x64_2020-0-363.@tt_su