Built in drawing register

One thing I have always yearned for is some kind of built in drawing register to keep track of drawings on a project.

Like many others, I do this by maintaining a spreadsheet logging drawing numbers and titles. But as there is no link between the spreadsheet and LO, it is all too easy to create a drawing and forget to update the spreadsheet. What is needed is something native to LO.

In the ideal world, this would be more than just a simple register and could be used as an issue log as well, showing what drawings were sent to whom and for what purpose. This may be a bridge too far, but even a simple log would be useful, especially if it could be linked to an external spreadsheet that could then add other info.


I could be wrong, but I think Trimble Connect might fulfill this need. I know it can work with SketchUp models (and lots of other 3D formats), but I’m not sure it works with Layout.

It’s a cloud working space for people working common modeling/building projects (and more!).

It’s free for a single project, shared with up to 5 people, and (I’m told) not unreasonably priced for multiple projects and/or more people in on the sharing.

You can coordinate your local copy with the cloud copy. Allow people to view and suggest. It has a “pull” feature that forces integrity - only 1 person can edit at a time.

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Interesting. It seems to be aimed at something altogether more ambitious, allowing collaboration from team members. But I guess it could possibly help. I wonder if anyone else has any experience of using it?

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I’m a relative newbie to the ecosystem of Trimble products (Connect, Layout, Sketchup, 3DWarehouse, etc.). I signed up for Trimble Connect so I could share the Tiny Home I’m designing - as I design it - with a few friends. Yes, it’s a MUCH more powerful tool than you seem to need, but if nobody else suggests something simpler, it might do the job.

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I hope to see Layout file in Trimble connect as soon as possible !
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I’m not sure what you’re asking for but you can already upload files to Trimble Connect.

Sorry , I was asking for get the same integration of Layout file than SKetchup file.
When you’re inside sketchup you just have to click on upload button.

That is indeed very interesting, however I wonder if the solution doesn’t lie around changes to autotext fields. Auto text fields which can list all and all fields would be helpful, at least to the way I work.