Building half way into the ground / Basement / how to model?

I am using Sefaira with my students right now.
As their building site is on a slope, all models are dealing with a situation where one side of the building is half way into the ground. Others designs have full conditioned basements. We are now wondering how to deal with this kind of situation in Sefaira for thermal modeling. We have not found any documentation. We are using Revit for modeling. I am asking the question here, I have not found a Revit forum on Sefaira.
Any thoughts?
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Sefaira? Are you posting in the right forum?

It is the Sefaira forum and the question relates to Sefaira, where should it be posted?

Dear All,

Unfortunately, Sefaira today does not provide you with the ability to model ground heat transfer through below grade walls. All ground heat transfer in Sefaira takes place through the floors and not the walls.

If you want to model an adiabatic surface (for the walls that are below grade), one recommendation would be to increase the thermal resistance of the walls to above normal so that there is no heat transfer through those walls. But then again this workaround might not be feasible because one can only change wall parameters for all the walls on a per elevation basis (and not a single wall at a time).

Another workaround would be to model ANOTHER wall right outside the below grade walls and tagging this extra wall as Shading so that the solar loads on our below grade wall is blocked by this extra wall that we have drawn and tagged as shading. However the outside boundary condition for this below grade wall will still be the dry bulb air temperature and not the ground temperature.


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