BuildEdge Problems

I purchased BuildEdge software on September 1st 2014.

On September 10th the vendor stated on their web page that “With greatly improved stability and enhanced usability, the upcoming release of BuildEdge has a lot to offer … The next release of BuildEdge software; coming soon to a theater near you!” This was posted just ten days after my purchase. This implies that BuildEdge was viable and being improved.

On October 9, 2014 the vendor posted: “Our online product store is down. We are working on the problem and we will let you know when it is back up again. Thank you!” There was never any follow up notice about this either way and based on my experience it was never resolved.

November 4th the vendor posted: “Check out how BuildEdge is being used in the real world. If you have any projects that you want to show off, send…” Again I think that this is an assertion of product viability and continuing support.

On November 20, 2014 less than 60 days after my purchase the vendor posted on their web page: “We are no longer selling BuildEdge Plan. We will continue to support our existing Plan users. This means we are getting really close to launching BuildEdge Pro. Keep checking in. We will have a launch date soon.” Support was not provided because there was no support at all!

There where posts within the vendors blog expressing customer dissatisfaction about not being able to contact support or not hearing back from support. I myself was unsuccessful in contacting support via their own web page and only got an unsatisfying response when I resorted to posting my concerns on their FaceBook page.

The fact that BuidEdge was being marketed at least two weeks before it was suddenly discontinued was misleading. The fact that they did not make necessary updates to allow it’s continued use within current versions (versions released less than 30 days after sales) is unacceptable. The only recourse that they have offered is a twenty five dollar discount good for 60 days off their new product BuildEdge Pro.

After many missed release dates they finally provided BuildEdge Pro. I did try to download the new product and it caused Sketchup to crash. With no response from BuildEdge as of today I felt that it important to let you know about this. Some of the complaints have disappeared from their media pages demonstrating an unfair manipulation of their current customers, future customers as well as Sketchup users.

Hi Jim,

I just found your post and wanted to respond directly.

I apologize if you felt mislead in any way by our marketing or posts. Honestly, our original plan was to release BuildEdge PRO toward the end of last year, but we were unable due to unforeseen issues arising outside of software development. As soon as we had BuildEdge PRO at a point where we were sure we would be able to release, we pulled the old software, which was not compatible with SketchUp 2015, out of our store.

As for us ever pulling comments of customer dissatisfaction, we, like SketchUp, try to keep help desk issues in our help desk. That’s why we funnel people posting about issues back to our support page as quickly as possible. We feel that a forum or Facebook is a terrible way to pass information back and forth between ourselves and our customers. We would rather do so with direct contact.

We do try to be very up front with our customers and respond as fast as we are possible (for example, the initial RBZ which did not install on Mac 2015 was replaced as quickly as possible).

Again, I apologize for any misconception about our efforts and any offense you may have found.

Thank you,