Moving old Buildedge Pro Plugin to new computer


I know Keymark no longer supports this plugin but I still use it in my workflow and would still like to use it on my new computer. Is there a plugin replacement that I may be missing?


Jerry D.


Hi @jerryvander! Love to hear that you still like BuildEdge! Unfortunately, as of now, there is no development on the plugin, moving forward. While no one can rule out what will happen in the future, it looks like BuildEdge will not be a solution for new version of SketchUp.

As for other alternatives, have you taken a look at Dibac, or 1001bit Tools, or the Instant Architecture Suite?


This is a huge bummer on the Buildedge pro future. I have used all three plugins you mentioned and they are all missing something.

Thanks for your quick response.



@TheOnlyAaron, I think you should track down the developer and give them a good talking to…

maybe they’d open source it…



Aaron used to work for them, so I think he knows them…


I know that Aaron knows I know…

it was a dig…




I may have heard things…

Actually… No… I haven’t heard anything… Unfortunately! It was good stuff, if I do say so myself!


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