Bug-Splat Problem

I have a problem, When I was modeling, and I tried to copy a component, I paste and then the bug slat appear, I don’t have idea to solve this problem. I update the drivers of my graphic card but isn’t solve the problem.
Video of the problem

Did you check the SketchUp Release Notes to see if newer versions fixed the bug ?

Yes, I checked already, but this problem persists on the 2023 version.

I saw a recent post regarding a problem with nvidia cards and a recent driver update related to Layout. I couldnt find the post but have had some bugsplats when closing layout maybe a couple related to using a component. It has started after a recent driver update. In my case its random and not very often so I havent persued reverting to the old driver.

Did you go to the Nvidia website to get the driver? They very recently had one with issues.

If you were asking me about the nvidia driver? Yes I did. Then shortly after I had a couple of bugsplats and about that time saw a post on here noting problems with the new nvidia driver. My read on it was its not a Layout problem. I havent had bugsplats in ages and this isnt often so I have left the new nvidia drive in place and will keep an eye out for a fix from nvidia.

Fix is latest driver version. They are released monthly.


I have the latest driver, I update when it released, but I’m still having the problem. I hope soon Nvidia update with great news if it is a problem with my graphic card