[Bug] Print Preview irreversibly adds duplicate watermark

There seems not to be an official public bug tracker for SketchUp for Web, I hope this will be forwarded to the right developers (although I think bug reports can easily be overseen in a forum, there should be a dedicated channel).

When I try the print preview in a localized version a duplicate watermark is overlaid below the original watermark. The undo function does not remove it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open www.app.sketchup.com
  2. Switch the language by clicking the :globe_with_meridians: icon in the status bar and switching to “Deutsch”.
  3. Click the folder icon → Print (which hasn’t been translated yet to “Drucken”)
  4. Cancel the print preview by clicking the Abbrechen button.

Observed behavior:

  • The old “my.sketchup.com BETA” watermark is added.
  • It is not undoable.
  • The model is marked as dirty (requiring save before changing the language again).
  • This does not happen in the English version of SketchUp for Web, but in other localized versions like Deutsch, Français …

Expected behavior:

  • The model should remain unchanged.

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