Bug - mac - paste and paste in place breaks material in panel


Ok, a new one for your colleagues @colin

It follows a bit the discussion here with the new error message.

but not quite.

Start with a group, and some elements on the side. the extra elements (right on the video) are painted with a material.
select them, cut, enter the group, paste (in place or not).

it works, but the material of the elements you just cut/paste is gone from the panel.
it’s still there in the entity info panel and on screen, but gone from material in model.

select it, add it back, and try to edit it, SU will display the message that it has to be applied first. despite being already in use in the model.

also, sketchup in french, error message in english. but that’s an uphill battle :wink:

it does that in both new and old engine, mac mini M1, sonoma 14.5
can’t reproduce on PC, so I’m gonna blame apple colour picker for that.

Thanks. There have been other combinations that seem to lead to materials not showing in the Colors in Model set. If there isn’t already a bug report, I will make one, using your steps.

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In fact a simple copy / paste that breaks it.
I rarely use it, and generally it’s between two files, so I don’t notice what has bee imported / forgotten.

so yeah, edit / paste and edit / paste in place

you don’t actually need to paste inside a group, just there.

note, that it happens also within the same file

I have been looking into this, and made a bug report. But, when I went to see which version of Sketchup the problem started, expecting 2023 to work, I found that even 2017 shows the same problem.

I will keep that bug report open, but is there a combination where the steps show a problem in 2024, but not in 2023?

no. same bug in 23. copy / cut anything, then paste / paste in place and the associated materials disappear from the material panel.
it’s a visual bug only, if you close your file and reopen, the missing materials are there again.
might be why I didn’t spot it earlier

could it be OS related ? Ventura and Sonoma had their fair share of material panel problems in SU.

I tried to test in make 17 but picking a material crashed on me so :sweat_smile:

I did ask a colleague to try in Ventura, and the same thing happened there.

Doing an Undo, Redo, also immediately fixes the problem.

For testing 2017, you can have it already in Colors in Model, and resist the temptation to resize the window. Then use materials from the mini swatches at the bottom, to do the test.

yeah, ok, it does the same indeed. had to be super quick though :slight_smile:

The last update just before the 18 release involved issues with the native colorpanel on High Sierra.
@Barry might know exactly.
Does it also show in earlier versions?

in my case I have a french 17.2.2554 installed.

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The latest version is 17.3.116.