[BUG] Dimension Rounding Accuracy

I find it random and adding up roundings of dimensions sometimes doesn’t return the same value as the total length of the part.

Today I found this one, and though it seems minor, it might be connected to the rounding issue:

I have a similar issue in LayOut. Below are two identically mirrored units, and one gives 10.12’ while the other 10.13’. If I change dimension accuracy to the thousands, you will see they are indeed equal.

Anyway we can fix this in the future? Thanks!

You can set accuracy to .000"!? On Mac accuracy is capped at 0.00" which is annoying as all get out.

And yes, Layout is terrible at consistent rounding. Just terrible.

I’m also on a Mac and when in Engineering dimensions, you can get to the 0.000’. I do see that when in decimal mode, you can only get to the 0.00".

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