[BUG] CAD export - multiline texts

Exporting a multiline text to CAD has the following two problems that made me revert to 2017 for export a project:

  • Multiline texts are exported as single line and truncated. This is really bad…
  • If a multiline text has more than one font the resulting file in CAD get’s one of those fonts randomly applied to all text and theres a good chance that the size of the whole text object get’s random too.

I’m sorry but this one is really a show breaker and a shame as CAD exports have otherwise improved a lot with 2018.

I hope you can have an easy fix. Thanks!

It’s been discussed before, and it is a known bug that Trimble has promised to fix. IMO the truncation is the worst part - style issues can always be fixed in AutoCAD, but missing data is serious.

I almost agree with you.

As you say it’s obvious that content truncation is really the worst part, but it’s unreasonable to think that we can change stylistic issues on hundreds of exported texts:

Layout File:

DWG Output:


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Of course PDF is flawless and I can share the original Layout and DWG files with the team if needed.

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