Browser does not open when activating license

We use sketchup pro 2022. Yesterday our licenses expired. We have extended our licences in time. According to our supplier there should be no trouble. When we tried to open sketchup this morning we had to sign in again. We had to complete the sign in process in the browser. But the browser won’t launch. (Multiple people in our company). I deleted the loggin_session.dat file (read that in an other topic) but that doesn’t work.

ho riscontrato lo stesso problema stamattina

In the end the solution was rather easy. You must log out first. To do that I had to download the sketchup installation file. When I opent that I had the possibility to log out. And to log in again.

With the later versions of SketchUp, when you do an uninstall, reinstall, the installer does sign you out. But, you shouldn’t have needed to do that. The Help menu should have had a sign out option.

To reach the help menu I would have to open sketchup… and that was the problem!