Bricscad Shape - new SketchUp?

Is anyone tried it yet? Looks like a good make replacement
Any thoughts ?

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I do not know yet, it seems to have an interface and navigation friendly, just like the SU.
It looks good because it has specific tools for architecture, unlike the SU, in which plugins are needed for this purpose.
I’ll test in the next, to see if it fills the gap in my workflow.

Seems to have some graphics issues on my setup…

Thanks guys for testing it.I will have to wait for a Mac version.

i use it , it is very good and much better than autocad with skp style , there is many 3d modeling tools in it , u can import skp file in it by drag the file , shape save files as 3d dwg or dxf

The Mac version is out now.

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Couldnt get the hang of it. It’s neither CAD nor sketchup, just basic.

It displays dwg excellently, and has features for basic buildings that then transfer to their BIM software, but it is not as fluid to work with as sketchup…


Yeah, it is very basic. I found out about the Bricsys-company because I have been looking for a cheap and good 2D-Cad replacement for AutoCAD LT.

If you are looking for a replacement for AutoCAD LT then try out DraftSight. There is no viable alternative to SketchUp, at least in my opinion.

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I use nanocad and not draftsight. It has a select similar entities tool that I use to clean my Layout dwg exports. Other than that… It’s also free.

I would say FormZ is a Sketchup equivalent. The pro version particularly. It has a Layout (2D) part the same as Sketchup too. Comes with a shed load of tools as standard that would otherwise require plugins fo SU.


And FormZ’s layout works well?

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