Bricks patterns on the edges of the wall

How to make brick patterns on the edges of the wall in your skp model?

Not sure what you want to achieve.
Do you mean you want the texture to start at a certain point?
Then you could right click the texture on the model to adjust it?
change texture

some thing like that but let it be just at the 4 corner of the model

It’s almost the same procedure.
Check out the Square One series and you’ll know :wink:

One of many … Deforming Images with Pins - Square One:

Not this let me shear a screen shoot pls

In the future please do that when you first ask your questions. It’ll make it easier for us to answer your questions from the first.

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Ok thanks for that, besides, i did it manually but i can tell its not correct, because it needs to be pull off the model edge

Use Push/Pull to pull those faces out a little bit.

Something lick this?
change texture on the edge