Applying bricks to wall so they go the same direction

I don’t understand why when I apply bricks onto a wall they dont go in the same direction. One wall they go they go horizontally and on one wall vertically. This happens with all the materials I paint on to a surface.

When a face is bounded by an inclined edge, it tends to fold a texture around that corner on a bias, or skewed. Without seeing your model, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact cause, but that’s the general idea.

You can adjust the orientation (rotation) of a texture on an individual face using the Position Texture tool (right-click face > Texture > Position). You may duplicate the orientation of the texture on a particular face on another face by sampling the texture using the texture eyedropper (Alt-Bucket) and then immediately applying the sampled texture on the other face. See the following:

Position Texture Tool


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