Brick wall with spacing

Hi I’m looking to model a brick wall with empty spacing between.
similar to pic shown, need to be able to see through it but thickness and depth isnt as important, its more so to show its semi transparent.
Any help would be great, only new to sketchup and need to model my final year project pretty asap.

You could model the bricks as a face with gaps, then pushpull it to give it thickness.

Or you could create a PNG image with transparent openings in an image editor and apply it to font and back faces of a wall with thickness.

Would something like this be adequate for your needs?

I’m sure the dimensions aren’t correct so it’s just the general effect.

I started with a large flat rectangle for the wall and drew a rectangle the size of the opening down near one corner. I erased the face inside the smaller rectangle.

This small rectangle was copied up using Move/Copy to make more copies of the hole.

I also copied the hole over and up for the next column of holes.

Which was copied to make a second linear array.

Both columns of holes were then copied down the length of the wall again with Move/Copy.

Then Push/Pull to give the wall some thickness.

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Using Components

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