'Breaking' a TIN network for retaining walls

I am struggling with how to work with a TIN network (with Sandbox/Artisan) to ‘break’ grades on either side of retaining walls. Have tried intersecting the TIN faces with the walls (both sides) but that does not appear to work.

How exactly did you try and what didn’t work?



I see my mistake - I had not deleted the TIN linework within the wall boundary. Thank you very much. What is the extension you are using in the second GIF?

You’re welcome!

It is written on both, Artisan on the left and SketchUV on the right… :wink:

One more question: I’ve managed to delete small pieces of my TIN in 3-4 places - how can I restore them?

Always save a copy of the original existing terrain model. You can save it in the same model on a separate layer, in exactly the same spot. Then it is easy to bring in parts of it later. You can select faces you want and paste in place in the working terrain model. If the terrain model is a component, be sure to work on a copy of the component that has been made “unique”–so you don’t affect the original model inadvertently.

If this is a specific loss that you are speaking of, you may be able get those faces back by drawing in the edges that were lost, In many terrain models it is fairly obvious what points to draw edges to that will complete the original faces.

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pbacot - thanks for these suggestions. I was able to recreate the linework for the 3 missing sections.