Bold lines not intersecting on surface


I have been having trouble with a 2D drawing where some lines that are bold are not intersecting on the surface. I found out this issue when i selected a part of the surface or when using the paint bucket tool. I have gone through many videos and many and many discussion boards and from where i was in the beginning, i have now somewhat cleared most of the bold lines that weren’t intersecting. However few lines still prove to be very, very stubborn!

Above is a screenshot of the issue i am having on Sketch Up.

I wasn’t able to upload two images on this post as i am new user but if you go to these co-ordinates below on google maps you will find the site in relation to the Sketch Up 2D drawing.

Leicester LE3 5LG
52.631347, -1.145190

On the sketch up image i have attached you should be able to see clearly what i am talking about, i hope. when selecting the road surface it also selects pavements on the left side and a few inner areas occupied occupied by buildings.

I will let you know what i’ve tried to do so far. I have downloaded plug-ins such as Eneroth Flatten To Plane, Eneroth Face Creator, Clean up^3, JHS Power Bar and Fredo6_FredoScale. Using these plug-ins have somewhat helped but not completely. I have also tried drawing over the lines but this also didn’t work.

Please can you help me intersect the lines that are bold on to the surface so that it creates a separate surface just like on the right side of the 2D drawing.

Site Plan Edited.skp (440.8 KB)

I have also attached a copy of the Sketch Up file.

Any help is appreciated. Thank You.

Close geometry - Site Plan co.skp (455.4 KB)

Hi mihai.s,

Thank you so much your help. I have tried your method and it does work and i have managed to close some of the geometry. However, not all could be closed.

Below i have attached a screenshot of the issue which is outlined in a red box.

also uploaded an updated file of the Sketch Up file.

Site Plan Edited.skp (483.1 KB)

Thank you again for you help.

You’re welcome!

Did you look at the file I attached to you? It’s solved.

Ahhh thank you so much! I’ve jus noticed the attached file. I have had loads of trouble wrapping my head around this.

Again, thank you for your help!