Boat - Shape struggling to work out how!

I am trying to create a boat with a similar sloping hull to the picture. I have tried to boleon cut spheres and other shapes from the boat itself, with little effect. Any suggestions please?


You don’t appear to need to cut spheres. Draw the plan view in 2D, and use solid tools to subtract an angled volume on each side to create the bow.


I think that’s what I have failed at so far. The problem is that the cut is almost curved /sphere like

Build the ribs of the Hull first then use soap skin and bubble plugin to fill in the gaps

This is a rough example to create the hull using solid tools.

The apparently curved surface was created by subtracting a flat surface.

excellent thank you!

really helps!

Worked a treat

simple creating the shape in half the section, running the subtraction and mirroring was brill:)

I learn something new every day!

additions -

Don’t forget TIG’s round corner extensions.

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On second thoughts, I cant see on the picture (sorry) however Is the Bow angled like this? It looks like it could be just a shallower angle?

so the vector from the side hull to the centre slope if that makes sense?


boat hull demo.skp (126.1 KB)

This is the skp you are looking at.

Ok I see what I did wrong! I didn’t rotate the subtract block in two angles!

Really thanks again! Much appreciate your time and effort to help!

haha…I only got the reference on the second look :slight_smile:


You’re welcome - it only takes a couple of minutes.