Boat hull surface problems


I have problems making a hull from a set of known lines that the hull is supposed to pass through. This is really easy in f.ex Rhinoceros, but in Sketchup I don’t know which tool is best to use. I’ve tried the bubble soap skin, but the surfaces it creates are not tangent to each other (naturally I need a smooth nice hull all the way). Hope someone can help. See attached example Hull problems.skp (53.6 KB) file.


Fredo6’s Curviloft is one way.


How do I get it? I just registered, but when I try to download, I get: “You are not authorised to read this forum.”


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Thanks. Now, I want to print this in a 3D-printer, but the hull is too long. Therefore I have to divide my hull into three parts, What’s the easiest way to do this? This is really easy in f.ex. Rhino, and I’m obviously looking for ways that are familiar to me, but anything that works is good…Hull problems11.skp (202.4 KB)


SketchUp makes ‘surfaces’, so what you have is not a ‘solid’.
Make it into a group or component.
If you add a top ‘surface’, then Entity Info might report it as a solid.
If you want the hull ‘shell’ that’s a few mm thick… then you need to process it to give some ‘thickness’…
Look at tools like Fredo’s “JointPushPull”, which can do this for you…
Either way… once you have a ‘solid’ form… if it’s too large to 3d-print, then - assuming a simple use of Scale to make it small enough to 3d-print is unacceptable to you - then use the rectangular-planes [which you have already suggested] to Intersect with the form to add ‘cut-lines’.
Subdivide the original form into separate component parts, based on those three ‘parts’ as ‘cut’.
Make copies [using ‘make_unique’ if a component] and delete the unwanted geometry…
Unfortunately, now those three parts will not be ‘solid’ once again !
But… draw over an edge on the cut’s edges, they should ‘face’ automatically.
Now the three parts should be seen as ‘solids’.
You now export these parts as separate STL files, these should 3d-print and once made they should be ‘join-able’ at their ‘cut-planes’…