1.) Create objects with angles and 2.) cut corner sections

I am working on a Boat design and have run into two issues that are probably simple to resolve, once I know how. Hopefully the attached image will explain what I am trying to learn.

I suppose once I know how to do the first thing – following an angle along another opject to become part of a new object that can be filled in – I can simply re-do the ojbects that are protruding from the side to end where they should, although it would be nice to know how to cut the protruding edges (assuming there is a way).

Thanks in advance!


Once I figured out how to create an object to fill that has an angle side (using 2 Point Arc) I re-did the whole deck in two pieces so nothing protrudes out the sides. Very basic stuff, I know, but I had to go through the Quick Start fundamentals again to refresh my memory!

You could use separate (grouped) faces that you intersect with the Hull group.
From within a face group you then apply ‘Intersect Faces with: Model’ to have SketchUp create the desired edges on the Hull surface but being part of the intersecting face, the rectangle in the image.