Blueprints of cars


Can i make an blueprint from an car?
And if yes where and how to start?




I’ll reply to this mostly to say… you probably would have already had a few answers by now—But because the topic is pretty broad, and the question isn’t very specific… I suspect folks don’t want to get into writing out long messages that aren’t pointed in the right direction.

Is this about creating a set of blueprints for a car that’s already been modeled in SU?. . . and you want to use SU for drawing up 2D plans based on the 3D model?

. . . If so, the following can probably apply… Look into the companion Layout program, as well as SUs Section Plane tool (and its option to ‘Create Group from Slice’). . . with views set onto scenes within SU, mostly for preliminary page layout work, prior to importing the scenes into the Layout program.


Are you looking to do takeoff measurements from a real car? and getting those results into SU for a 2D blueprint project?

. . . If so, Photographs can be scaled within SU. As such, some undistorted pictures and a few known measurements can go a long way towards creating the initial drawing. . . Importing the Image, tracing over it, scaling it to match the know dimensions. etc…

as always, for better and more detailed replies… please post up what you currently have done so far, and/or add in a little more detail as to what perspective we’re all looking at this from.

Have you already seen the Car related topics on this forum, and elsewhere on the internet (mostly youTube videos)?



Just to know, do you want a blueprint from a car or draw a car from a blueprint? (I’m a newbie, so excuse)



Hello JimD,
If have an view days an idea in my mind to create an own car,like an beach buggy.
I want to try to make it by my self,because i have an lot of free time to do it.




Is this going to be your first project in SketchUp, drawing and designing a beach buggy?

I’m just checking because I’m not sure what your experience level is here.



Hello JimD,
This will be my first project in SketchUp.
I here from a view people and on Internet that SketchUp is an nice program to work with.
I have download it a view days ago.




I’m not trying to talk you out of drawing your car here.

But I do recommend that you at least go through the basic tutorials where you learn how to use the main tool set.

Pay special attention to the concepts of Groups and Components when you see those come up. This trips up most new users. Because (in other software drawing programs) people are conditioned to use Layers as a form of grouping items together BUT in SU this doesn’t work.

All geometry which you draw within SU is inherently sticky, in that things stick together. and placing your raw geometry (as it’s often called) into layers doesn’t prevent this from happening. You have to specifically group your models geometry if/when you want to isolate it from the other raw ‘sticky’ geometry within SU.

Don’t mean to scare you off here. But there’s no getting around this idea, so the sooner you learn how to properly use Groups, and understand the strategies for why some groups are better off being defined as Components instead of groups, the better off you’ll be.

Also, Basic Tools typically have a couple of very useful functions, So try to keep in mind what tools double up with other functions as you see them being discussed.

I’ll be back with a few basic training videos that are well worth watching. And you’ll be on your way in no time here.



Skill Builders video links. . .

SketchUp YouTube site… Playlist Page. . .

I think Aidan’s site is still my favorite. He used to work at SketchUp, and has also written one of the better books about the program called SketchUp for Dummies.

Other stuff exists as well, and you’ll soon see that come in with other folks recommendations.

As far as helping out in the future… and using this forum… I think the best thing to do is to take on a task (model the tires, steering wheel, bucket seats, roll cage etc… and see what you can do with it.

When you get stuck, or if you have something you’re proud of, post it up so others can make specific suggestions and offer useful tips that apply to the stuff which you really want to work on.


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