Blue Circle with grey box around it on screen

How do it get rid of this. its very annoying. It just popped up one day.

That isn’t something SU specific.
Did you download something with a water mark?
What happens if you untick the layer SMEC_SQURKLE_TEMP? or is that yours.
Check the Style setting/Watermark and remove it if it is there.

That layer is from my DWG that I imported.
The water mark style settig doesnt change anything.

It popped up when i downloaded sketch up make and then we got a new license for pro 2018 and it just stayed. i cant select it or do anything with it.

Upload a model that shows it.

Looks to me like a head up display from some other program. Might pe an extension but could also be some whole other application.

I think it’s an Alienware laptop thing. I use Mac but read this, it might be caused by Nahimic 2 sound software and the sound tracking feature. Try CTRL + SHIFT + C or CTRL + SHIFT + S to disable it.
Or, go to the Alienware Sound center, go to Audio Recon and turn it off. That may also solve the issue.

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Note to self: Don’t get an Alienware computer, or at least make sure to cleanse it of their crapware if getting one.

I’m sick of developers that make such features -_- . There are tons of programs that use Ctrl+Shift+S for things like saving all open documents, save as or similar commands. These key combinations belong to the active program, and should never be hijacked by a background program.

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Thank you so much!! the problem is solved!

Thank you!
This solved the problem!.