Blind hole at solid

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Do you have an example image of the desired result?

Can you post the model itself so I can take a look? if you already posted it somewhere, just send me a link.

what model?i used trial sketchup pro 2016…

The file you created in SketchUp, it is called a model by most people. Can you post it to the forums so I can download it and see what you have? If my suspicions are correct, it should be easy to show you what to do next. I just want to make sure that I give you instructions that will work.

second last.skp (700.0 KB)

soory disturbing you…i only want to sketch only one part…last part of me…i want to rotate it by using sketchyphysics but no luck…i dont know how to install it…i now doing my final year project for driving simulator car on three axis movement part…x y and z…i hope you can help me…sorry sir…

Don’t worry about bothering me, answering posts like this on the forums is one of my favorite things to do. These forums are here to help, and so am I.

From looking at the model you posted, to create a blind hole in the area you have marked, you would need to open the component and generate a face over the hole. Then you can use the Push/Pull tool to push/pull the face to whatever depth you need to create a blind hole.

If you want a step by step walkthrough I would be glad to help you with any or all of the steps.

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Push/Pulling a circle into the part as @C13229 suggested results in a flat-bottom hole. If you require a blind hole with a drill point at the bottom, you can model the hole as a cylinder with a point on it and then insert it into the part to the correct depth and use the Intersect Faces command to trim both the hole and the part so you can remove any excess cylinder that protrudes and the circular face covering the hole. You’re basically emulating an actual drill.


how can i sketch difficult drawing?i m tired to try…try and try very hard…day to night to day to night…hurmmm…:frowning:

Just making sure, you know that SketchUp accepts keyboard input to determine things like line length and angles with its tools, right? If you have the exact dimensions of an object, it should not be too difficult to input what you need as long as you are using the right tools. If you are having a rough time with something specific, please ask! These forums are meant to help you learn, there is no such thing as a bad question here.

Something like this seems pretty easy to do. Exactly how are you going about this and what goes wrong?


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thank you very much…:slight_smile:

can you attach that file to me?

my problem is about to do all part in one time…i look at you sketch up is simple…wow…absolutely…

Not really. That was six days ago–I don’t save that stuff. What good would the model do you anyway? The model itself does not tell you how it was made. Unless you can tell us exactly what the problem is, it’s going to be hard to help you.


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thank you…another problem is i want to make it move or motion by attach the spring or actuator in 3 degree of freedom (x, y and z) motion…how can i take it tool…please help me…my supervisor want it on next week…who can help me?