BlendUp to SketchUp URGENT ADVISE

Hi Guys

Very new to this site, Im writing in hope if anyone knows if Blendup is legit and if anyone is using it? They are selling it at $35, I was looking for a contact number as Im abit nervous to send money over and get robbed…Also by paying for this plugin how long can you use it for? A Year…2 years?

Do you have to renew your “Licence” once purchased?

THANKS FELLAS, any info would help alot

Blendup used to be available for sale but not anymore. It worked very well so I don’t know why they stopped selling it.

Anyway export with collada (.dae) and blender will open everything nicelly though materials qon’t be immediately assigned and with blendup a lot of things were already prepared.

I don’t think it works on 2018…

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Thanks JQL

Tell me, if I purchase it and use it for sketchup 2016, would it still work and the licence being on the internet? How long would i be able to use this plugin or do I keep it?

I don’t have any prior versions to 2018 installed so I cannot test. But if blendup was working on 2016 it won’t stop working for 2016, only if you upgrade SketchUp might it stop working.

NOTE: I remember that bidding lines would create seams in blender UV unwrap

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