Blank strips when printed

When I print a PDF file it comes out striped with blank lines throughout the page

Probably an ideal opportunity to share an image with us! A quick picture of your output may help to come up with an idea as to what is going on.

I am using Sketchup Web Shop

Blank stripes in printout.pdf (2.0 MB)

Ordinarily when I see that effect it means the printer cartridge is defective, but in this case it is in the PDF itself! I have no explanation for that. Can you download the skp file to your computer and share it here so we can examine it?

Are you using a PDF printer driver? To me it looks like a connectivity problem but I am only guessing.

Lake House footers, joists, beams, and girders skp.skp (186.8 KB)

What happens if you print this?
Lake House footers, joists, beams, and girders skp.pdf (144.4 KB)

It looks like a scan of a print. PDFs don’t generate with paper texture and ink dots. This was a printout that they then scanned it seems.

I still agree this is a printer ink cartridge issue.

Is this really the pdf that is generated by software?

SKP will only open in the Sketchup platform and I have to save it as a PDF to print it

I know that SketchUp will only open .skp files. I made the PDF from your model for you to print to see if you get the the same result as you showed in your scan. If you do, that would be pretty clear evidence there’s an issue with your printer.

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