black screen

How do I get out of a black screen in sketchup free (web)?

I have the same issue on my very old MacBook Pro (mid 2009!) which has reached the limits of being able to upgraded to latest versions of browsers etc. I can only run Chrome as my Safari was hacked and the latest Chrome update to the browser can’t be installed so when I launch SU Web I get the same homepage but when I try to open I get a black screen, but can select tools etc.

As a result I use my desktop that has upgraded and it works correctly on that.

Update your graphics card driver. Update your browser. Use a recommended browser like Chrome.

This setting doesn’t make a difference for me, but if you are in Chrome, check to see if this option is turned on:


Thanks so much for your replies and help I rebooted my old Windows desktop and it seems to be working fine now I just need to update the whole system it’s pretty dated

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