Bezier curve question?


Hello folks, I am pretty new working with bezier curves and I am trying to make my curves a little smoother looking. I am attaching a pic of the issue I am having. When i click on my bezier curve to look at the entity info, I am trying to increase my segments but it wont let me change the number of segments? For this curve in the pic the entity info window says 20 segments. Can i change this value some how or am i doing this all wrong?

I am using the classic bezier spline tool that i got when i downloaded the plugin.

Thank you again!!



Are you using the Bezier curve from Fredo’s BZ_Spline tool set? If so, either before you draw the curve or while in curve edit mode type the number of segments you want followed by s. i.e. 36s and hit Enter. Do this before you make the shape 3D.


Thanks Dave, I tried this but did not seem to work?/ I think I am obviously doing something wrong?

I am using the Classic Bezier tool from the spline tool set. I think maybe the order of things I am doing maybe wrong?

I have tried to find videos online about this but not much luck yet? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.



Select the Bezier spline tool. Look at the VCB. It’ll show the label ‘Ctrl pts, Prec.’ and the values 101, 20s. Type some new value with the trailing s. I commonly use 48s. Hit Enter and start drawing the curve. As long as the tool is actively drawing the curve or in Edit mode, you can change the precision of the curve by typing a new value.


You might want to look into Jacob Samuel’s Bezier Curve Manager.


Whoa, I totally forgot to thank you guys!! DaveR, totally worked thank you buddy! Franquin, I now have the Bezier curve Manager and its great! Thank you!!