Best way to make wooden column from DWG?

Here’s what I got…
What’s the best way to make a column from this DWG (from Vcarve Pro)?


If you’ve got a .dwg file you should be able to import it into SketchUp and then use Follow Me to make it 3D.If you upload the .dwg file I can show you.

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Can I wrap this around a single line?
FM tool does not seem to respond to this…

You need a circle for a path. Not a line.

Thanks that worked!

I was worried this was going to make my column diameter too large (by the diameter of the reference circle), but it centered on the line, which is good.
Thanks again Dave!

The radius of the circular path doesn’t matter at all. It just needs to be centered on the center of the column.

Aha thanks!

One last question:
Is there a way control the # of segments after I revolve my shapes?
I don’t see it where I would normally specify # of segments…

You do that when you draw the circle for the path. Or select the circle and change it in Entity Info.

In your screen shot you have a whole lot of geometry that is not a circle selected so of course entity Info is not going to give you an option to change the number of sides in a circle.

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If I may offer an extension of @DaveR 's comment, the number of segments in a circle cannot be changed if the circle has non-coplanar faces attached to any of its segments - such as the faces forming the sides of a cylinder. Thus, in the example screen-shot model even if you only select one of the four circles you will not be able to change the segment count. The diameter of such circles can still be changed, however, which is very handy.


When importing .dwg’s, I always use this extension:

Before doing the lathe, select the edges and ‘weld’ the parts that need to be ‘smoothed’.
Than run the simplify extension to reduce the edgecount.

Welding is now integrated in the context menu (rightclick on selected edges)
Check this thread, too, it’s about extrusion, but the same principle applies when doing lathes


Thanks. Just downloaded it per your suggestion…
Looks like it create segments in curves (the bane of the CNC parts world), but I can see how this will help with straight line imports.

You know that ALL curves in SketchUp are made of segments. Simplify Contours won’t do anything on straight lines. Straight lines are already as simplified as they can be.

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