Best way to maintain a Full and a Lightweight version of the same model?

I have a detailed house model which I use for rendering. This model is still in development, so things are added, modified and removed. Now I also want a lightweight version of the same model which I can easily use with the Sketchup Mobile Viewer, and I want to keep this version in sync with the detailed one.

I deleted everything that wasn’t needed and I reduced the file size from 550mb to 400mb. But this is still too big. I am guessing the next step would be to replace the highly detailed elements with lower detail ones, and high res textures with low res ones.

But this is quite time consuming to be done every time I make a change to the original detailed file.

Are their any strategies, and maybe extensions, that can help me to have these 2 versions of the model without too much hassle?

You can keep alternate model parts in a “parallel universe” (separate SU file) and put them back anytime with Copy and Paste in Place. Be sure when you remove high poly components from a model to go and “Purge Unused” for the “In Model” collection or else they’re still present in your file taking up space. The same is true textures.

You may want to check this:

( Dont forget the dependencies: )