Best way to loft this shape to create bevels?

I need to create a 3D model of this arch for CNC milling…

Can someone tell me the best way to loft/ transition from this 2D line drawing?

I got as far as here- I PushPulled top face, then used Spline w Cuviloft to create the bevels in yellow.
The inside section won’t work like this, since it gets confused by the mitered area…

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You can use the move tool to create the bevels, just draw in the corners to make it easier and move the face using an axis lock.
Goth bevel
Obviously this isn’t the same as your shape but the method works.


This is excellent thank you! Much simpler than curviloft…

Would you happen to know the best way to export this to VCarve pro, as to reduce faceting (as caused by arc line segments)?

Besides using the Follow Me tool with a profile (which can be a little tedious), I’m a big fan of the scale tool.

You have to select the edges if there isn’t a face to select and scale that way.

You can also extrude upward and scale that way, taking the overall height into account. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot quicker and neater than grabbing individual endpoints or edges and using the move tool to push and pull.

Of course, these are all with native tools rather than extensions. Also, since you’re working from a drawing which already has the bezels mapped out, I think @Box 's recommendation of the move tool on a fixed axis is your best bet.
Rarely a wrong way.

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That wouldn’t work on this case…

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