Trying to create a pointed object from a shape

Hi I am trying to create a pointed object from this shape. I have tried various methods but cant none seem to work.

Ideally I would like the top face to meet at a point, along a ridge… if that makes sense. Like the apex of a room but with the faces following all the corners and curves of the original shape.

Ive attached a copy of the file.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Thank you thank you3dlogo~~.skp|attachment (160.6 KB)

Looking something like this?

Not elegant, but I just pushpulled the top up an arbitrary amount, using Opt (Ctrl on Windows) to create another face. Then selected the top face, and used Scale about centre (S for scale tool, then press Opt/Ctrl again) and scaled it down to a very small value along the red axis.

By the way, why is the model so far from the origin?

this was my best attempt… you can see the start of the rise I was looking for with the bevel on the top edge. Ideally I wanted them to come all the way together to a point.

Another issue with this model is that whilst it looked like it had solid sides in sketchup, when exported to as an stl for 3d printing it didnt work out…

logo stamp1.stl (92.9 KB)

Not really sure what your trying to do with this… But it’s easy with Curviloft plugin. Made your “logo” a component. Copied it and scaled the copy up 1000x. Your model was less then 1" square,it’s best to work on a scaled up copy. Less chance for errors. Reposting the model. Left the pieces I worked on so you can figure out what I did. Your original and the finished tapered one both show as solid components in entity info window. Had to do a little clean up for both to show solid.3dlogo_fix.skp (279.2 KB)

After looking at your .stl I’m guessing you are trying to make this shape.

Amazing. Yes that’s exactly it!

Would you be able to explain the process?

Thank you!

Boy did I miss the mark with what you wanted ! :laughing:

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Wiped egg off face and had another go at this :crazy_face: . Did a quick redo of your model without the radius corners and made the segment count the same on both the inner and outer curve on the end.
Laid out centerlines around the face and copied - moved up the desired distance. Line tool makes quick work of filling in the straight bevel sides. Used Cuviloft for the curved end. You can fill in the curve with the line tool it just takes a little longer.
Copied the finished component and scaled up 5000x to get the radius corners back. Used Roundcorner plugin. It takes a little manual cleanup from the radius up the slope to the beveled edge.


This forum is amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me!


Me too!

No egg removal needed @tuna1957 , it was far from clear, I looked at the stl for ages before the comment about the bevel hit me.

Tuna has described pretty much exactly what I did, although I used follow me rather than curviloft for the curve. It really just a matter of building the framework and the faces will follow.

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Here’s another option using autofold. Just like making a roof. I have put in the edges on the flat then just lift it into place. Tap alt or up arrow to invoke autofold to help it move up on the blue axis. Autofold would do it without putting in all the connecting edges, but it would usually get it wrong, particularly around the curve, so adding the edges tells it where to fold.
This was done with your stl file.

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