Best plugin for cabinetry & wood processing - Cutlist, 2d drawings


I am looking for a good plugin to prepare 2d drawings, cutlist, bill of materials, etc., for cabinetry ( kitchen, wardrobe, vanity units & Bedroom door - wooden frame and door works.

Kindly suggest.

Either CutList or OpenCutList to make parts lists.

Layout is designed to make 2D drawings from SU models, and your profile says you have SU Pro 2019, so you already have Layout.

If you are drawing framing for your cabinets, you might find Draw Wood Framing helpful (from SketchUcation Plug-in Store).

From long experience with using SketchUp and LayOut for furniture and cabinet shop drawings, I will say there is not one plugin to do all of what you need. As John mentioned there are several extensions that can generate cutlists. Personaly I prefer CutList but you should look at the various options and see which one you like.

As for preparing the 2D drawings, I don’t think you’ll find anything that will do that automatically. Too much variation in the projects for that. Proper use of components, tags, and scenes in the SketchUp model and a good template in LayOut will make the process much easier and faster, though.

@john_mcclenahan thank you :slight_smile:

@DaveR thanks dave will lookout.

I recommend ABF plugin. It’s powerful, free and can download at

@Cyentruk Sure!