Best pen tablet (non-screen) to use with Sketchup?

I tried the vertical mouse a little bit but I felt the same repetitive motion as the horizontal. I’m hoping the pen will put less stress on the wrist as a whole (where I have the problem). But I may try again as I figure how to get back up to speed – without my regular mouse.

Well I just tried a Huion non-display pen/tablet and I had trouble with the cursor randomly not going to the edge of the monitor screen (stopping short). It also wouldn’t click and select text without having to toggle a preference back and forth. Unfortunately it was difficult trying to get help from Huion (responding all the way from China!) so I don’t know if I was missing something. Regardless I’m going ahead with Wacom Intuos Pro, but still at starting stage!

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I have an Intuos Pro Medium mapped to dual monitors which is a double edge sword. It’s wicked fast at covering everywhere, and I never wonder where the cursor went, but the slightest slide on a click makes it very sensitive to dragging, which @Box referred to earlier. With a mouse, I’m always loosing track of where the cursor is and struggle to find it.

I got an MX Master 2S to teach with because all my students would be working with mice, but even with it’s ergonomic slant, if I use it much, my wrist starts bothering me again.

:thinking: Maybe I’ll dig out my intuos 5 and attempt to work it with SketchUp again (which I do every few years).

Probably I haven’t given it time.

Used to have a regular shoulder twinge with a Logitech MX Master but since using the Logitech Vertical for some years now, the twinge has disappeared.

Depending on how old it is, you may need some denatured alcohol. The rubberized grip part ends up oozing plasticizer and feels like Scotch tape. My old Nikon D70 did the same thing with it’s grip material.

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The wheel of some older mouses does that too. I would be wary - they say phthalates are not very good for you.

You do have to vomit time with getting used to the way a pen works vs a mouse. There are many advantages though.

Back in the day SU used to work with flipping the pen and automatically selecting the eraser tool! Not any more though.


I use the same size. You get used to a slight lift on the pen. Overall though, I have to say I am much faster and far more comfortable with the pen. I still use the mouse off and on, but when I really get into modeling, I use the pen.

I would consider changing this and mapping to one, then use the display toggle to flip from one to the other as needed, unless you have sketchup related things on the second display. It is also possible to map to a display and a bit, so you can have something you need on the second display but not all of it. I did that for a while and had my default tray included on a second screen, but eventually stuck with it on the same screen. This way I find all the stylus movements very natural, and I use touch a lot. And I have a mouse.

I think the original was more accurate. :smile: