Best PC Components Sketch Up Pro 2018/2019/Future + V Ray 3.4/Future



Hi Everybody,

I’ve Read a lot of topics here and other webs and noone clears me about what are the best components to work as a profesional with best PC components for Sketch Up.

Nowadays I’m working with:

Water cooled Intel Core i7 4790
Graphic: GTX970
Ram:32 Gb
ssd raid

I have several problems for rendering and to move big size files. Nowadays, even optimizing groups & components, I’m working with files over 500MB. I really need info from sketch up developers to find best PC’s components to work for my future projects for the next years. I don’t mind spending 2000€ or 5000€ if I get the best PC to work fast and stable with Sketchup 2018 pro and future versions.



For your budget you could look at a Boxx system and review primary system component options at the V-Ray benchmarks.

Bear in mind that V-Ray now offers heterogenous computing (using GPU and CPU for rendering at the same time).


the fastest CPU (single-thread-wise) is currently the new intel Core i9-9900K.

As GPU I would go for the GTX 1080 (Ti) or maybe the new RTX 2070 based on the feedback provided here.

RAM on demand, see the Windows Task Manager what SU and/or V-Ray consumes.