Best Extension to Calculate Object File Sizes

As I’m building my Projects I’m always having a hard time figuring out exactly what I added that’s making the file larger. These aren’t always huge additions - some of these are maybe adding 5k - 10k of the file, but others are adding 50k or more.

Is there an extension that will list what objects are adding the most weight (file size) to my model?

@DaveR I wasn’t able to pull much from that extension though I appreciate the offer. Instead I just did a process of elimination and found out that I had 2 textures that were 20mb and 40mb respectively!

Is there a plugin that just tells me the file sizes of my textures?

Have a look at Goldilocks. Not sure when it was last updated.

Goldilocks doesn’t seem to work for SU 2021.

Anything else that can reduce texture sizes?

In your original post and the title of the thread you asked for something to identify the large objects in your model. Objects in SketchUp are groups and components which is why I suggested what I did.

You can edit textures in an external image editor and reduce their size. That’s simple enough. If you must have an extension to do it, try Texture Resizer.

Going forward, save yourself the troubles that huge texture images create by down sampling them before you insert them into your model.

@DaveR You’re not kidding! I just took a 150mb Project down to 18mb by simply realizing that all of my materials/textures were giant. 3 textures along accounted for nearly half the project size! I won’t be making that mistake again.

The problem going forward though is identifying which textures are costing me the most file size, especially when I’m not the one creating the model. That’s why I shifted toward trying to find something that could run some forensics on file sizes for those textures.

I just installed Goldilock into 2021 and it works for me.

Perhaps I’m missing something else. Here’s the extension in the extension manager -

Here are my available extensions -


@Box Should I be looking for it somewhere else? I’ve restarted SU to be certain.

Tools menu or right click context menu.

@box Thanks not sure why I didn’t check there. Sure enough, just a few textures are burying my file size.

There is also the fact that any decent image editor does a cleaner job at downsampling image files than the automatic resize function in SketchUp.
Depending on your graphics card and whether the “use maximum texture size” setting (Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL) setting is enabled, all bigger textures are resized to 1024, 2048 or 4096 pixels wide/high so larger than that images don’t bring any benefit.
As things lie today, excess geometry is a bigger SketchUp resource hog and large textures more a file size bloat thing.

@anssi Whats are some most blatant examples of excess geometry for me to look for?

The thing that kills my projects are render ready/worthy assets like plants, 3D people, realistic cars and furniture with all the stuff for habitation like rumpled sheets.

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I found the best solution by far (many thanks @JustinTSE for the quick email response!) -

One simple tool lays out all the dimensions and more importantly uniformly resizes them. I shave over 150mb off a 250mb file in one click. Life saver!

Glad I could help @wilschroter !

Not sure if it helps at all, but this video might give you some other places to look to keep reducing file size

I can’t remember which version you’re running, but file sizes in SketchUp 2021 seem to be significantly smaller as well :slight_smile: