Best Electrical Circuit plug-in is.....?

Recommendations please!!!

Preferably with the option to choose UK design of switch plates, sockets etc. But not essential.

You’re going to have to decide for yourself which you prefer, but the only ones I can think of outright is (in alpha-numeric order):

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Thanks Julian!

I’m in competition with my dad… he’s done the whole of this building design using paper & pencil. I’ve done it all on SketchUp!

We’re now on electrics, which he is blazing through. I didn’t know there was a plug-in for SketchUp so this will keep me in the game!

After you both are done, you must devise a huge alteration to the scheme and time that.

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Medeek recently upgraded his electrical extension to include a full range of UK-standard devices, so definitely worth checking out for your needs.

Well yes, exactly!! Haha!!!

Ah great!! Yeah I think I’m gonna go with Medeek. I’ll have to get it all checked over by a qualified sparky though. I can barely wire a plug!