Best driver for Intel HD 3000 graphics on Windows 10?

While my main computer is away for repair, I’m having to use a 5+ year old HP Folio 13 Ultrabook, recently updated to Windows 10 Fall Creators’ edition. The graphics chip is variously identified as HM 65 and HD 3000 - the former from the spec sheet, the latter now from Device Manager.

It’s running SU 2016 a bit slowly, but working.

It will open and run SU2017 and 2018, but suffers from the common problem reported here of long pauses on using Select, and sometimes other tools. I can use SU2018 to open files and save them back to 2016 to work on, but I’d like to work natively with 2018 if it’s possible on this hardware.

I tried to update the drivers, but the Intel site and Windows both reported I have the latest one. However, a program called Driver Easy said there was a later driver, found it, and I installed it.

Device Manager is now reporting the driver version as dated 19 May 2016. Roll back driver is greyed out, though, so I can’t revert to a previous version (and I don’t know what that was).

Does anyone know if this is the best available driver for this graphics chip? If not, what is and where can I get it?

do use drivers which are delivered by the operating system or the maker of the hardware only. Do not use these magic ‘tuneup’ or ‘genius’ tools regularly doing more harm to the system than good besides installing malware if from doubtful sources.

Unistall the stuff you have installed latest, restart Windows and download/install the latest driver provided by HP either from their support webpages or via the HP Support Assistant.

Because the intel HD 3000 is old and pretty lame stick w/ SU v2016 with lower OpenGL requirements and the ability to disable the hardware acceleration of the GPU (“Window > Preferences > OepnGL…”) if display output glitches happening.

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Thanks for the advice.

Unfortunately, neither HP nor Intel offer any driver updates for Win 10. Intel offered a generic HD driver for Win 10. , but when I ran the installer, it said the hardware wouldn’t support it.

And HP had nothing later than Windows 8.1 drivers with a much lower version number.

I don’t think I got any extra programs or malware with this download, and I find today that this driver plus the recent patch for SU 2018 has made it work a good deal better.

I’ll keep an eye out for any signs of malware, though, and thanks for the warning.

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The last official driver for the HD 3000 of the second gen. Core ix-2xxxx CPUs is version 17.10.4229 (15.28.24) f. Windows 7/8.x x64 from June 2015 (release notes)… should be installable under W10 too.

Guessing is not knowing, run the free AdwCleaner (no installation) for the peace of mind.

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Thank you. I shall.

PS. Nothing malicious found, but a couple of popup ads deleted.

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