Best desktop PC for Sketchup?

I’ve been known to import large size files (Dxfs and 3D Z-brush models specifically) into SU, and then take it personally when my i7 bogs down…
Can someone name a Desktop PC (a link would be ideal) that crunchs faster?

These are current laptop specs BTW:

The key here is the file sizes, what are they/

SketchUp performance problems cannot generally be solved by throwing more computer hardware at them. I have three computers, the oldest about 8 years old. Yes, my newest desktop is fastest, especially at opening files, but in actual modelling and navigating models the speed differences are not mind-shattering.

Don’t do that , then. When the edge/face count goes into hundreds of thousands or millions, SketchUp will bog down, whatever the processor.

Dear randyl,

I am working with complex and big sketchup files. 225 MB files will be loaded within 20 seconds. I am only using a standard HP ProDesk 600 G1 (i5 4590, 16GB / 500GB SSD. The biggest brake on opening are the AddOns! So have a look for a fast data network: Operating system on SSD! If you are using a server (NAS) have a look on a fast system.
In conclusion I do not think that you need a new PC. Only take care to use good components for not to run into limitation of data transfer.

If you want to import very big DXF-files it will help to split the files into smaller models by Autocad or any other application for DXF-files. Import the smaller files and store them on you hard disk (*.skp). At the end you can start your new model. Open the exported files by double click. A new Sketchup program opens and you can copy the drawings bedween the both applications.
This helped me to import huge steel constructions! (Big buildings, towers)

Best regards