Bending Structural Component

Im modelling a structure with a fairly complex organic shape, I would like to add the structural details (aluminium tubes diagrid) as the skeleton but I can’t get it to fit the outline of my designed shape. I tried using shape bender but the result wasn’t as satisfying (especially on the curvy part). Is there any other way to create structural details (trusses) to fit along a complex shape.

Imagine my shape is a single twirl with extended end, anticlockwise 90degree rotation of a 9!

Thank you so much =)

An image would help.

first pic is my the shape of my main structure (the exterior)

and second pic is my structural details (depicting usage of aluminium tubes) and I would like to know if it is possible to achieve the same shape as my main structure for the components on the 2nd pic, as it should be inside the main structure

Im really new at sketch up ^^;

2nd pic