Bend line maker or conversion plugin

could any developer make such as this plugin… this helps make or convert lines into bend lines on sheet off metal before to be transfered to cnc plasma cutting machine …this video explain what i mean excatlly …this plugin helps bend and make 3d geometric shapes like this easlly …

in case this video is not clear please let me upload other with more explaintion …

Sounds like you want an unwrapping extension which will flatten a 3D form.

Example with Flattery

thank you friends for help ,but i think you misunderstand me . what i mean excatlly is how to convert internal lines after flattery into dash lines like in this picture so that helps me bend sheet of steel just with hands , but should this dash line be controlled with some parameters like ( first and last dash line length , gabs length )…if you watch the video carefully you will catch what i mean …


SketchUp doesn’t make real dashed lines. I would suggest that you add dashed lines in LayOut. You can make views of the model as scenes. Then use the scenes for viewports in LayOut. Add the dashed lines over the viewport. If you want to have full size patterns from the model, set the scale of the viewports. Then export as PDF and print.

thank you daver …in fact there is a plugine in with you can make dash lines

but it does not controll the line in more detials like in the video i attached in the first post

tomorrow will upload another video because i think all of you did not catch my point …

Yes, I’m well aware there are plugins to create what look like dashed lines. They create the appearance of dashed lines but don’t behave as lines. That’s one of the reasons I suggest using LayOut to add them

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