Beginner using the free SkecthUP software

I’m a beginner using the Free version 30 days.
My Mac is register under my Italian account.
SketchUP is automatically set up in Italian language.
Ho can I switch to English ?
I have not yet the license,I’m still suing the free version to learn a little bit first .

Thank you for your help

Click on the Globe icon

I can’t find the Globe Icon

The Globe icon is in SketchUp Free (web)


You use the Trial desktop version, go to and download the English version and install it.

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Appears to be mac, the run as admin is for windows.
2021 gives you English as an option when you install it.


Open System Preferences, and in the Language & Region settings click on the Apps tab.

Click the + button, and add SketchUp from the list of applications. As you do that, choose English as the language to use.

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I unmarked you as correct, sorry about that! All of the downloads for 2021, and 2020.2 come to that, are the same file. There are still language choices on that page in case you wanted to download an older version in a particular language. His screenshot shows Sumele, so we know he’s using 2021.