Beginner 3D printing

I created a simple model that I’d like to send to a 3D print shop, I exported the model from Sketchup shop as a 2013 Autocad .dwg but none of the shops will allow for an upload of the file. I was under the impression this was the best file type for such a thing. I’m a beginner with all this and any help would be appreciated.

The most common file type for 3D printing is .stl.

Choose a template with units in metres, or change the units in Window/Model info/Units. Do NOT use the built in 3D Printing template which is nearly useless and bloats your file size.

Just make sure the dimensions of your project will fit inside the build volume of the printer you intend to use.

Work in metres as if they were either millimetres or inches, then export as STL.

When imported into whatever slicer program the printer uses, tell it what units to use (mm or inches - STL files are unit-less).

Or scale the original .skp file down to the ‘real’ size before export to STL. Sketchup doesn’t deal well with tiny edges, and can’t create them or may merge them, but will retain the proper size if scaled down from something drawn larger.

Be aware there are bugs in the current export system. Make sure all your components are either Untagged, or that the tag they have been assigned is selected as default, otherwise nothing will export (see other posts on this forum for more details - I hope I’ve correctly remembered the fix.)

By the way, SU Shop doesn’t have a year version - it’s always ‘up to date’ so you might correct your profile.

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All great advice.

I thought the current export bug only applies when using “export selected”, as long as this is unchecked and one is exporting the entire model I think it’s working ok regardless of tags? Not sure it is broken in shop either, I know it’s SNAFU in pro.

@endlessfix - you may well be right that it’s only the Export Selected that’s partly broken. I would hope it gets fixed soon, anyway, whatever the details of the bug because it’s a nasty one.

Not sure in the light of that post whether the same bug exists in Shop.
And I think I also remember that if you have any flipped or mirrored components in your model, they won’t print. You have to explode them and re-group, or make them into a unique component.