Be_slack - An extension for the casual genre

Hey guys, this is my first standalone extension to relax you after work.
It doesn’t directly improve your productivity, maybe it doesn’t make any sense, but, I did it, just felt like it, and shared it with everyone, maybe, there can be a second person who likes it, hahaha.Existing features are described next.
1.Novel Reader
You can read the novel in the tip bar at the bottom left of sketchup.

  • Support adding local novels(txt format only)(shift)
  • Support switching novels (~).
  • Use tab and ctrl keys to turn pages.
    Novel Reader

The above has been shown in the Extension Store, version 1.0.0, and below is version 2.0.0, which I’ve submitted for review, but have yet to receive a response.

2.Color Sense Challenge
Find the one that stands out among the many color blocks.
After clicking start, simply left-click on that color swatch that you feel is special, and manipulate the view normally during the game.

  • There are multiple levels with a gradient of difficulty.
  • Your best record will be recorded.
    Color Sense Challenge

Finally, I would like to express that I actually have a lot of game ideas, but I am not a programmer, so I can only write some simple code, which leads to slow progress, but I am happy in the process!

so it’s an extension to not work while appearing to be working in sketchup.

yes I can see the appeal :slight_smile:

This reminds me of my school friends playing games or writing messages to each other on their calculators in math class

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